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Get Support

How to get Help?

There are times in all our lives when we experience problems that feel overwhelming and beyond our control. For whatever reason, we may not know how to deal with them. Previous experiences may resurface when we are experiencing other everyday stresses. 


For many veterans, knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle. Talking to family or friends can just seem too difficult. 


Ringwood Veterans Hub can support you in getting the help you need. It does not matter if the problem is big or small.  


There is help on hand for concerns ranging from health to finances, and more in between. It is never too late to ask for help or advice. Our dedicated Welfare Officer, Ruth, has a wealth of experience in supporting people. She will listen and help you with finding the right service for your needs. There is no pressure, and all assistance is provided in line with the Hub confidentially policy.  


Ringwood Veterans Hub works with SSAFA who have access to support: Mental Well Being, Supporting Older Veterans, Military Families, Welfare and Benefits, Hardship and Disability.   


We also liaise with local NHS partners, and many supporting agencies/charities locally and nationally. Some will visit the Hub and offer opportunities for questions, or seek advice.  


On our Linkspage we have a resource list of very good websites. Please browse through and you might find some information you are not aware of useful. Emergency contacts like the Samaritans are also available on the same page.

You can message Ruth directly in confidence, click here.

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