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English Breakfast

Breakfast Week

Breakfast Week is on every last Friday of the month. The venue is Greyfriars Community Centre, time 10:30-12:00. Only pay for breakfast and drinks. 

Ringwood Veterans Hub offers camaraderie with like-minded people who have experiences that only veterans can understand. If you would like to know more about us, please contact our membership secretary  for further details.  


Alternative Breakfast Club 

If you are a serving member or a veteran of the armed forces who can only make a weekend breakfast – why not try the Ringwood Armed Forces Veteran Breakfast Club.  


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AFVBC’s purpose is to facilitate veterans and serving armed forces personnel to meet face to face in a relaxed, safe, social environment to enjoy breakfast and banter, to combat loneliness, and allow veterans to ‘return to the tribe.’


Free to attend - There are no fee, subscriptions or commitments; the AFVBC network across UK & overseas don’t exist to support any national charity, organisation or business. Just turn up, pay for your own breakfast and just enjoy the company of other armed forces veterans.


Ringwood AFVBC is also best suited for all working-age veterans, so this is why they have it on the second Saturday every month at Café Aroma. For further information, email or visit our Ringwood AFVBC Facebook community page. 

You can attend Ringwood Veterans Hub's activities at anytime too and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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